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HSE (Health, Safety and Environment)

HSE (Health Safety Enviroment)

There is Occupational health and safety management system ST RK ISO OHSAS 18001 implemented in Company.

Implementation of OHSAS compliant Management system gives the Company the number of advantages:


  • System management
  • Processes and functions close interaction
  • Senior management releasing for strategic decision performance.


  • Risks reduction and related losses, volumes if fines and payment of the Company.
  • Increase in labor productivity
  • Efficient resource utilization
  • Reclamation quantity reduction
  • Knowledge and experience continuity


  • Reputation improvement in the eyes of the party concerned
  • Increasing employee loyalty, improving the psychological climate;
  • improvement of relations with suppliers;
  • Increase of investment attractiveness


  • Market value increasing (capitalization)
  • Business expansion possibility
  • Employees knowledge and skills transformation into intellectual potential of the Company
  • Readiness to business process reengineering

As well as Ecological management system ST RK ISO 14001 implemented in Company

Implementation of Ecological Management system ISO 14001 gives the Company the number of advantages:

  • Reduction of energy consumption and consumption of materials;
  • reduction of waste and disposal costs;
  • increase the productivity and business performance;
  • expansion of business opportunities, improvement of image in the eyes of clients and the public.

West Motors Service LLP has a service Certificate on training and retraining of specialists in the field of industrial safety. There are equipped training rooms for courses on “Health and Safety”, “Industrial Safety” and “Basic of Fire Safety ” in each Company branch.